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The females will continue to pollinate into the early summer, collecting pollen for their young. Be sure to have lots of flowers and mud or clay nearby.

The Little Superhero Feeding the World

  • Baby Bee Nursery
  • Mason Clay Station
  • The Cozy Cottage (split core)
  • Mason Cannon (maintenance free)
  • The Hive (4x mason cannons)
  • Mega Cannon (oak barrel)
  • Customizable  Orders Available 


In the early spring the female bees will emerge from their slumber and immediately start pollinating. The males will fertilize the females and end their lifecycle.  

Our Story

We are a local family-owned business in Everett WA. Our story started with a simple idea, improve the yield of our garden without the use of pesticides. With the birth of our first child it was important that we taught him the importance of pollination and where food actually came from. The rest is history and today we offer several eco-friendly solitary bee homes and products, with the plan to expand into additional natural-farming markets soon. So come back, things are always getting better!

Toward the middle of summer remove the cores/tubes from the condo and store in a safe dry place, such as a shed till the following spring. 

More Bees = More Food (solitary bees pollinate better)

It really is that simple. Without adequate pollination crops, orchards, farms and gardens just don't produce a s much food as they should. So lets bring back the bees!

Solitary bees do not need to protect a queen or honey so they are friendly and typically never sting. 

Simply place cocoons into the Nursery in early spring and hang from, or within 3-feet of, your Mason Bee Condo.